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Shiller Preyar on a Rescue Mission

Shiller Preyar on a Rescue Mission

On October 17th, Shiller Preyar Law attorney John Antia and Roberto Lopez joined Pastora Emma Lozano of the Adalberto United Methodist Church, members of Familia Unida Latina Sin Froneras, LULAC and others on a trip to Texas meet with Leaders from Laredo, Texas and Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. Their goal was to reunite 3 families that have been separated by the US-Mexico border.
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Operation #reunitefamily Saul Zarco

Operation #reunitefamily Saul Zarco

On June 14, 2014 Saul Zarco Corona, and his U.S. citizen daughter, Giselle Zarco, crossed the Bridge of the Americas leading from Nuevo Laredo, Mexico to Laredo, Texas. Accompanied by his attorney, John R. Antia, and Rev. Walter Coleman, Saul and his daughter walked through the turnstiles leading up to the Custom and Border Protection processing hub. Once inside, Saul began the processing of his request for Humanitarian Parole—temporary, conditional entry to the United States. Finally, he and his daughter were taken to a room where he met with his wife, Rosio Fragoso, also a U.S. citizen. They hadn’t seen each other in 8 years.
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