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Shiller Preyar Attorneys receive Butterfly Award



On June 14th   Elvira Arellano/Emma Lozano Leadership Institute of Faith Based Organizing held  The First Annual Unity Dinner to recognize individuals who have made a difference this year for Immigrant rights. Some people in attendance included: Jesse Jackson, Commissioner Jesus "Chuy" Garcia, Bobby Rush, Congressman Luis Gutierrez and Shiller Preyar Law Offices' own John Antia and Chris Bergin.


Throughout the night, Butterfly awards (which represent the Monarch Butterfly that migrates both south and north annually),  were handed out. John Antia said, "The award from Emma Lozano and Elvira Arellano holds such great meaning to me. I have been fortunate in my professional career to work alongside inspiring personalities whose dedication and grit can best be described as contagious. I am a better person and attorney because of their leadership and honored to accept the award knowing that there is much more work to do together."


Chris Bergin and John Antia were both given an "Attorney of the Year" Butterfly award for their continued dedication and legal service to the undocumented community.





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