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Shiller Preyar on a Rescue Mission

Shiller Preyar on a Rescue Mission

On October 17th, Shiller Preyar Law attorney John Antia and Roberto Lopez joined Pastora Emma Lozano of the Adalberto United Methodist Church, members of Familia Unida Latina Sin Froneras, LULAC and others on a trip to Texas meet with Leaders from Laredo, Texas and Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. Their goal was to reunite 3 families that have been separated by the US-Mexico border. 

While these families face many of the same struggles of separation as others who lived and worked in the US before being deported, their cases are ever more darkened by the violent communities they were forced to return to. Now in Mexico, these parents found themselves captives in communities submerged in organized crime while their children in the US were burdened with the task of establishing stability in a society that continually legislates against, and actively dismembers, their family structures. The Rescue Mission team set themselves to the task of reuniting these dispersed family members under the unique legal logic of Humanitarian Parole.

Juan Jose Garcia Medina is a husband and father of three daughters who work and go to school in the US with very little to live on. Mr. Medina was deported to Mexico where he has been beaten, robbed, and kidnapped.

Esther Escalante is a mother of two children who are US citizens. US laws forces the three to reside in Veracruz, Mexico where they’ve become prisoners in their own home as criminal elements have targeted them for extortion. 

Rosa Ruiz, a Mexican citizen married to a US citizen, is a mother of two children who are also US citizens. In Mexico Mrs. Ruiz has been repeatedly robbed of what her hardworking husband remits to her each month; and in June thieves attempted to snatch the baby girl from her very arms.   

Immigration reform is a term we often hear in political sound bites on the nightly news, and for the majority of Americans, it is not an issue that impacts their lives on daily basis. However, there are many families in the US suffering the inescapable tragedy of our broken immigration system. At Shiller Preyar, we stand ready for those prepared to take the steps necessary to rebuild their families.

Of her father Juan Jose Garcia Medina, his 16 year old daughter Cynthia (a US citizen) says, “I’m going on the Rescue Mission so I can bring my father back home where he belongs.  I can’t live without him and I can’t survive in Mexico.  So I’m going to get him back.” Shiller Preyar is more than happy to make this happen.

John and Roberto have been documenting this trip on the Shiller Preyar Facebook page. Be sure to like the page to keep up to date with the latest info on these amazing cases.






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