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Defending Immigrants, Families, and Students

Defending Immigrants, Families, and Students

The Shiller Preyar Law Offices represents individuals faced with numerous immigration issues.  Some of our clients are undocumented and come to us because they need to fight deportation proceedings in court. Other clients are hoping to improve their immigration status so that they may work, attend school or travel.  We represent clients who live as close as Little Village and Pilsen and as far away as Kentucky, Mexico and China.  In 2013, we anticipate new, comprehensive immigration laws that will allow many of our clients to get on the path to legal residency or citizenship.  With the expected changes to immigration laws, we will be able to help our clients avoid long, and costly, court battles, and held our clients achieve better opportunities in the United States.  Here are a few examples of how The Shiller Preyar Law Offices helped clients facing immigration battles. 

Defending Clients Hurt by "Notario" Fraud

One of the firm’s clients, Luis, came in to my office very upset that he had been the victim of a “Notario”, a person certified to notarize documents. Luis was married to a citizen; after filing their application through his wife, Luis received a temporary conditional resident card, which is valid for two years. Before the two year card expired, Luis and his wife got divorced. When it was time for Luis to file his permanent residency application, he went to a Notario for assistance. Luis explained to the Notario that he had divorced his wife. Unfortunately, the Notario filed the permanent residency forms improperly, and forged Luis’s ex-wife’s signature. By doing this, the Notario made it appear that Luis and his ex-wife were still married. Luis knew something was wrong when his application was rejected due to the Notario failing to pay the proper fee.

After looking through his documents, I immediately told him that the applications that were filed were incorrect and could be considered fraudulent. Luis hired us. We immediately filed new applications with the correct information. We disclosed the truth about Luis’s divorce and requested a waiver so that he would be able to finish his road to legal residence. The interviewing officer denied Luis’s applications and placed him in deportation court. As always, we defended Luis against deportation and, on April 22nd of this year, the Immigration Judge granted Luis his full legal permanent residence. Luis is now eligible to apply for citizenship. 

Defending Victims of Crimes

Maria entered the United States when she was a young adult. In 1996, she was robbed at gunpoint and thrown to the ground when she was working at her store. The police and ambulance were called and a police report was filed. Maria came to our office and wanted to know if she was eligible for any change in her immigration status. During the consultation with the paralegals and myself, Maria described this incident. I advised Maria that we would get the police records and try to file a visa for victims of a crime, known as a U-visa. During the course of Maria’s case, we ordered her medical records and records proving that she was the victim of an armed robbery. The application is currently pending and our client is hopeful that she will become a legal permanent resident.

D.A.C.A. Applicants with a Record

Julio entered the United States when he was 15 years old and graduated high school with honors. He was excited when President Obama authorized the DACA program for Dream Act eligible Students. Julio was concerned about his eligibility for the DACA program because he had been arrested multiple times for driving without a license and speeding. He hired us to prepare and file his application once we had determined that he was eligible. At first, the application was delayed because an immigration officer wanted more information regarding his arrests. Our office quickly responded to their requests by ordering certified court dispositions, court records and transcripts. Our hard work paid off for Julio – he was approved for DACA status and a work permit. Julio is now able to get his driver’s license and social security card! Julio recently called with an update and said, “I am applying to continue my education at a community college and was just hired at a warehouse. Thank you for all your hard work.”

These are just three examples of the work that we do at Shiller Preyar Law Offices. We also process visa applications and applications for family members. We are committed to working with our clients as well as utilizing all available resources to fight for our client.

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