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Upcoming Immigration Workshop

Posted on 4/16/2014 by Shiller Preyar in immigration chicago events know your rights workshop first defense legal aid

Immigration and detention processes can be stressful and confusing. Next week, the Shiller Preyar attorneys are teaming up with First Defense Legal Aid for Know Your Rights panel dedicated to informing you about the ins and outs of immigration procedures involving law enforcement.

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Know What it Takes to File a Civil Rights Lawsuit?

Posted on 4/8/2014 by Shiller Preyar in civil rights cases discovery process trial procedure case timeline

At Shiller Preyar, we have handled over 100 police misconduct cases. People do not often know that these lawsuits can take years from start to finish—and the details of the long and labored process can be mystifying and off-putting. It’s incredibly important to pursue your rights in the face of police misconduct, however, no matter how daunting the process may seem. Though no two police misconduct cases are the same, we’ve prepared a rough timeline of how the capable attorneys at Shiller Preyar prepare a “typical” lawsuit.

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Shiller Preyer Welcomes Elvira Arellano Back to Chicago

Posted on 4/1/2014 by Shiller Preyar in elvira arellano united methodist church la familia latina unida bringthemhome

On Thursday March 27, 2014, the Shiller Preyar team gathered with immigration rights organizations La Familia Latina Unida, the #BringThemHome campaign, and others for a rally and march in support of Elivra Arellano. The event aimed to bring publicity to the recent act of civil disobedience she undertook with about thirty other undocumented children, mothers, and fathers who crossed the U.S./Mexico border to reunite with their families in the United States.

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How Will Recent State Law Changes On Conceal and Carry and Medical Marijuana Impact Search and Seizure Law In The Criminal Courts?

Posted on 3/24/2014 by Shiller Preyar in marijuana reform Terry stop conceal and carry prescription marijuana

(This post originally ran with the Daily Law Bulletin on March 19, 2014). This year is likely to bring a series of interesting rulings from the State’s five appellate courts and eventually from the Supreme Court on how the recent liberalized marijuana and gun laws impact 4th amendment analysis for stops and frisks.

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Marissa Alexander's Ongoing Saga

Posted on 3/17/2014 by Shiller Preyar in CeCe McDonald marissa alexander rico gray george zimmerman micahel dunn stand your ground prosecutorial discretion

Recent announcements have brought Marissa Alexander, and the controversial Stand Your Ground laws, back into the news. In 2012, the domestic violence survivor was convicted with aggravated assault for firing a shot at the ceiling during an attack by her estranged husband. She received the mandatory minimum sentence of 20 years. Though occurring before Trayvon Martin’s killing, Ms. Alexander’s case became especially prominent after George Zimmerman’s trial for that case, and in conjunction with the ongoing case against Michael Dunn, who is accused of killing the black teenager, Jordan Davis. Alexander’s case is often used in larger conversation about Florida’s the inconsistent application of Stand Your Ground or Shoot First laws.

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The State of Solitary Confinement

Posted on 3/11/2014 by Shiller Preyar in solitary confinement dick durbin Craig Haney CeCe McDonald Pelican Bay Damon Thibodeaux

Recent news that New York State has taking steps to end solitary confinement for juveniles and pregnant inmates is heartening, even as it points to the larger problems facing the US corrections system—including wrongful imprisonment, inhospitable and overcrowded correctional facilities, extreme sentencing guidelines. To some people, solitary confinement seems a just punishment and to others it is cruel and inhumane treatment. Here at Shiller Preyar, we tend toward the latter. Either way, it’s important to know what the key issues are in conversations about solitary confinement.

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Report Shows Scope of Exonerations

Posted on 2/25/2014 by Brendan Shiller in Northwestern University School of Law University of Michigan Law School Center on Wrongful Convictions wrongful convictions DNA evidence National Registry of Exonerations

(Brendan Shiller's post originally ran on the Daily Law Bulletin on 2/24/2014). With each passing year, a higher percentage of actual innocence exonerations are not based on DNA evidence, and more and more exonerations are coming about as the result of pro-active actions by law enforcement agencies, according to a report released by the National Registry of Exonerations on Feb. 4.

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Judge Freddrenna Lyle Fundraiser

Posted on 2/17/2014 by Brendan Shiller in fundraiser judge freddrenna lyle appellate court first municipal district plymouth restaurant

There is a fundraiser tomorrow, 2/18, to support Judge Freddrenna Lyle's bid for the Gordon Vacancy on the Appellate Court.

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The Trouble With Collecting Attorney's Fees

Posted on 1/22/2014 by Brendan Shiller in richard posner us seventh circuit montanez v fico richardson v macon oral arguments

We recently participated in two oral arguments involving the issue of attorney fees in front of the United States Court of Appeals Seventh Circuit. In both cases the Plaintiff was awarded damages and we were subsequently awarded attorney’s fees—but not without a lot of pushback from the City of Chicago. The audio of the 25-minute oral arguments is posted below and can hear our reasoning that if the City is not forced to pay the fees, they have less incentive to discipline rogue cops.

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The New Rights and Laws of 2014

Posted on 1/2/2014 by Brendan Shiller in new legislation year end wrap up marijuana reform gay marriage illinois laws

Every day, the people elected to the legislative branches in our city, state and federal government’s wake up thinking of new laws to pass. As a result, the beginning of every year brings a bunch of new laws that people must become familiar with. Unfortunately, this year is no different.

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