"I have turned my life around."

A few years ago I was going through a rough time in my life.  I was charged with 2 felonies and 2 DUI’s within a week.  While searching for a lawyer, a friend recommended April Preyar to me.

I made an appointment with April and explained my situation.  April did not sugar coat what I was facing and she decided to take my cases.  The fee to me was very reasonable considering the charges I was facing.  I thought I really screwed up my life and was fearful for my future.

April was able to get one of the felony charges dropped.  Due to the circumstances, April advised me to accept probation on the other felony.  I successfully completed the probation and I am 18 months away from having these charges expunged from my record.

The DUI’s took a little over three years to settle.  April accompanied me to court almost monthly.  April successfully argued both cases.  As it turned out, I paid some minimal fines for extraneous tickets and did some community service hours and five days of SWAP.

Considering I was facing possible incarceration, numerous fines, and the loss of my driving privileges, I am so thankful for April’s skill and expertise.  I have my life back.  While waiting for the resolution of my situation, I have turned my life around.  I am a few credits away from earning a Bachelor’s degree, I volunteer weekly at a food pantry, and will have a clean record in a few months. 

I couldn’t have done it without April.

Sofia G.

"Best lawyers I ever had."

The police beat me up and charged me with an aggravated battery.  I pleaded guilty because I didn't want to sit in county jail. But April and Mary took the police to civil court and we won! I had lots of lawyers in my time, but I never had lawyers that really cared. 

Best lawyers I ever had.

Thank you.

Andy Montanez, 10/23/2012
Montanez v. Fico et al, 10-cv-4708

"I have a second chance to get my life together."

These lawyers gave me a blessing after having nothing, coming from jail. They beat my case and won me some money. Now, I have a second chance to get my life together. 

They are smart, intelligent and know the law from the back of their head...

Vincent Parks, 10/15/2012
Parks v. City of Chicago et. al. 09-cv-05683

"The judge even apologized to me!"

I never knew how quickly the police can flush a person's life down the toilet. In a matter of minutes I was pulled over for nothing, arrested and on my way to jail while facing a very serious felony... for absolutely nothing. I was confused and desperate for help, then I remembered my childhood friend, Brendan, became a lawyer. 

I enlisted the help of Brendan Shiller and April Preyar, and that turned out to be the best move I've ever made. They brilliantly and methodically undid the police' testimony and justice was served to me and get this... the judge even apologized to me! If I ever find myself or a friend in need of help again, I am definitely calling Shiller Preyar! Thanks again!

Cody Camacho, 10/24/2012

"She was skilled and effective, and she beat my case."

I was facing a serious charge that I was innocent of. At first I hired another attorney, and I did not like how things were going. Then I remembered that my childhood friend Brendan Shiller was a lawyer. I hired him and his partner April Preyar. April was great. She was skilled and effective and she beat my case. 

Hopefully I will never need an attorney again. But, if I do, or if any of my friends ever do, Shiller Preyar will be my first call.

Sonny Members, 10/24/2012

"I thank God for meeting Attorney Chris Bergin."

I thank God for meeting Attorney Chris Bergin. This man was a blessing in my life. I am grateful because he was able to help me get my legal permanent residency. Also to the staff because they always gave me special attention.

Rafael Sanchez, 2/8/2013
"The best lawyering I've ever seen."

Thank you very much. That was the best lawyering I've ever seen. You saved 6 years of [my] life.

Dwight Johns, 1/2/2013, USA v. Johns
"I finally won my legal residency."

I am very happy that I finally won my legal residency after 6 long years in immigration court. Many attorneys told me that I had no chance and charged me a lot of money. I give thanks to my lawyer Chris Bergin who worked hard and fought for me in court and we won!!

Olga Hernandez, 12/18/2012, ICE v. Hernandez
"He sued the cops and got me money."

The police falsely arrested me, and planted drugs on me. Brendan not only beat my criminal case, he then sued the cops and got me money. Now that’s an attorney.

Curtis Hatley
"He got the conviction overturned and won the retrial."

“I made some mistakes when I was young. At one point, it look like those mistakes would cost me the rest of my life. In 2007 I was convicted in Federal court of being a felon in possession of a gun, and was looking at 30 years in jail. Brendan, who had beaten cases for my brother and my son, swooped in, got the conviction overturned, and won the retrial. Now, I am back with my family—my wife and my children, because Brendan won a case that another lawyer lost. Brendan, I Thank my Creator for having known you and for the professionalism you bring to your craft.”

Darnell Thompson, Client

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