Criminal Defense

April Preyar is one of the most respected private attorneys practicing in the criminal courts in Cook County. Having been a public defender in traffic courts and in front of Judges Salone and Crane at 26th Street, Preyar developed a reputation for integrity and grit. She brought those skills to the private sector five years ago. 

Preyar has conducted literally thousands of trials and motions before a judge, and dozens of jury trials–ranging from misdemeanors to first degree murder. 

In conjunction with Brendan Shiller, the Shiller*Preyar Law Offices has one of the county’s most formidable duos of criminal defense attorneys. Shiller has conducted jury trials ranging from DUIs to first degree murder. 

In addition to work in the state courts, Shiller is also a member of the Northern District of Illinois’ Federal Defender Panel. Shiller is one of the few criminal defense attorneys that can lay claim to having beaten the federal government in a federal jury trial.

Police Misconduct

In the past four years, the attorneys associated with Shiller Preyar have obtained nearly $3 million in settlements and judgments for police misconduct cases. Brendan Shiller has appeared in more than 125 police misconduct cases. In addition, attorneys Barbara Long and Mary Grieb have participated in more than 40 police misconduct cases each.

We will interview clients regarding complaints of:

  • False Arrest
  • Wrongful Conviction
  • Wrongful search and Seizures
  • Police Abuse and Excessive Force

If you have been a victim of one of these acts, contact us. The initial interview is free. If we take your case we may want you to pay for the costs of the case.


Christopher Bergin is the lead immigration attorney for the Shiller Preyar Law Offices. With nearly 20 years of experience, Bergin has represented more than 3,000 immigration clients. 

With Bergin’s expertise, we will help you navigate your immigration case, immigration applications and your immigration interviews.

Government Relations

The attorneys at Shiller Preyar have relationships with decision-makers at all levels of local government, and we have relationships with experienced expediters and lobbyists. Shiller Preyar has familiarity with the City of Chicago Code and experience dealing with zoning, liquor licensing, business licenses, permitting and other local regulatory issues.

Real Estate

Our attorneys will perform real estate legal services for you, including residential and commercial purchases and sales; real property financing; property development; leasing; trusts; and corporate transactions.

Personal Injury

Shiller Preyar also brings its extensive and competent litigation skills to bear if you have suffered a personal injury as a result of someone’s negligence. 

If you are the victim of someone else’s negligence and have suffered injuries, contact us to determine if you have a case to pursue. If we take your case we may want you to pay for the costs of the case.

Zoning and Licensing

Our attorneys can help your small business work through municipal bureaucracies.

Commercial Litigation

As a boutique litigation firm, Shiller Preyar is uniquely situated to handle commercial litigation when other forms of dispute resolution fail.


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