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Upcoming Immigration Workshop

Upcoming Immigration Workshop

Immigration and detention processes can be stressful and confusing. Next week, the Shiller Preyar attorneys are teaming up with First Defense Legal Aid for Know Your Rights panel dedicated to informing you about the ins and outs of immigration procedures involving law enforcement.
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Ruling may unintentionally help prosecutors

Ruling may unintentionally help prosecutors

June 10, 2013 Chicago Daily Law Bulletin In the summer of 1986, newlyweds Karen and Dyke Rhoads were found stabbed to death after a crime that climaxed with the bodies and their Paris, Ill., home being destroyed by fire. As one of the many courts that eventually reviewed this murder case and its subsequent prosecution noted, "From the ashes of these gruesome murders rises another, deeply disturbing allegation: That police and a prosecutor conspired to frame two innocent men of these crimes and over the course of the next two decades, state officials continued to cover up those misdeeds."
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How to Beat a DUI

How to Beat a DUI

  • April
  • 5/20/2013 12:00:00 AM
You see flashing lights. You see the blue and white car behind you. You aren’t sure what to do. You had a couple beers earlier. You don’t have a driver’s license or insurance. As you pull over, you decide to be cooperative, and maybe the cop will give you a break. Right?
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