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Army Miguel Perez Granted Citizenship Interview

Army Miguel Perez Granted Citizenship Interview

After 18 months of suffering in ICE custody, Army veteran Miguel Perez has a citizenship interview on Thursday March 15. If approved Mr. Perez will be a citizen as of the day he enlisted in the Army in 2001. 

At this time we are asking Miguel's supporters to write to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Field Office Director and District Director and urge them to grant Mr. Perez retroactive citizenship!

Write what you feel or use the following letter as a guide or in its entirety. More about Mr. Perez's story here


Field Office Director Martha Medina-Maltes
District Director Thomas Cioppa
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
Chicago Field Office
101 West Congress Parkway,
Chicago, IL 60605


Dear Martha Medina-Maltes and Thomas Cioppa,


I write to you today to express my support for Miguel Angel Perez-Montes who is currently in ICE custody and facing deportation. Mr. Perez served two tours in Afghanistan but was never offered support from the military on citizenship. He came here legally as a child from Mexico in 1989.

He belongs here.

I urge the USCIS to grant Mr. Perez retroactive citizenship effective the day he enlisted in the Army. While incarcerated Mr. Perez was finally able to receive the mental health care he needed to treat service-induced PTSD and a traumatic brain injury.

If he is deported Mr. Perez will no longer have access to the healthcare he was promised when he signed up to risk his life for our country.

Members of our military deserve our protection; non-citizen service members should be granted automatic citizenship. Please stand up for veterans and grant Mr. Perez retroactive citizenship.






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