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SPLO client takes sanctuary in Humboldt Park Church

SPLO client takes sanctuary in Humboldt Park Church

SPLO lead immigration attorney Chris Bergin notified Immigration and Customs Enforcement on August 23, 2017 that his client, Francisca Lino, will be seeking sanctuary from deportation at Adalberto United Methodist Church in Humboldt Park. Lina is being targeted by ICE officials and is accused of lying about an arrest on her application--but she says she never lied to the person who filled out the application for her.

While Lino has consistently kept her appointments with ICE and jumped through many of ICE’s hoops, Bergin said the mother of six is being targeted for other, more political, reasons;

"Mrs. Lino is the perfect example of someone that you would not prioritize for deportation but things have changed recently," he said. "Right now, we want to make this right. We want to explore any federal legal action but it's been difficult so far."

Adalberto is the same church that took in another of Bergin's clients, Elvira Arellano, in 2006, when she was fighting to stay in the U.S. with her son. The two women met in 2003 while doing immigration activist work together, Arellano said it's time for her to be there to return the support the Lino family showed her. 

With much community support Lino will live at Adalberto for at least 90 days, when she will be classified as a fugitive of the law, a label that Bergin will fight. 

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Blog Author: Christina Pillsbury, SPLO Social Media Marketing Manager




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