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Shiller Preyar Law Office's First Same Sex Green Card Granted

Shiller Preyar Law Office's First Same Sex Green Card Granted

After a mistake was made by a prior immigration service provider and Edgar was denied adjustment of status through his mother's petition (as the application was premature). He was then placed in immigration court removal proceedings. That is when the Offices of Congressman Luis V. Gutierrez called to ask me to help Edgar. I represented Edgar in Court on several occasions and was going to file for cancellation of removal for him. Fortuitously, same sex marriage was approved in the State of Iowa, and Jeff and Edgar decided to get married. We then filed a spousal petition for Edgar through Jeff, once that was approved; I filed a motion to terminate the immigration court proceedings. That motion was approved by the Immigration Judge leading to Edgar being able to file a green card application through his husband Jeff. After being interviewed, Edgar was finally able to become a legal resident. From start to finish, I worked for four years to correct the error of his previous service provider and eventually get him his green card. Now, he can pursue his career in the United States and live a fully integrated life in America with his husband. Also, Edgar will be able to bring his husband back to Colombia to visit his familyand friends and share his childhood memories with his husband



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