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Cell Phone Apps take Recording Police Interactions to the Next Level.

Cell Phone Apps take Recording Police Interactions to the Next Level.


Way back in 2013, we discussed a new app created by our colleagues at the Fourtis Law Office called Fi-Vo.  A visionary in 2013, when police misconduct flew under the radar of the nightly news, Fi-Vo allows users to pull up the app o their phone and automatically start recording video of their police interaction. After the recording stops, the video automatically saves to the user’s Dropbox account. Safe on a third party’s cloud system from being deleted, edited, or lost in an evidence locker. It really is brilliant in its simplicity.


Now, since the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri police misconduct and brutality has become a “hot topic” of discussion and recording police interactions seems to be everyone’s answer, and app stores are seeing an increase in apps likes Fi-Vo.  


Huffington Post Teen covered an app called “Five-O” created by three high school students in Decatur, Georgia. “Five-O” allows citizens to “record and store data from every encounter with law enforcement.” Along with the “Yelp-Like” police rating system, the app includes a “Know your rights” section with information from the American Civil Liberties Union. Read more about it here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/08/18/teens-police-brutality-app_n_5687934.html


This past fall, the ALCU of Missouri rolled out an app of their own. The “Mobile Justice” app allows citizens “to capture a police interaction and send the file instantly to the ALCU.”  Users can also send out their location to others in the area to observe the scene and send incident reports to the ACLU.  Read more about it here. http://www.stltoday.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/aclu-unveils-smartphone-app-for-recording-and-reporting-police-misconduct/article_95f9c09e-50ce-5b56-ab86-a43262777dfe.html


Improvements in technology have the ability to completely alter community-police relations & apps like these are only growing in popularity and usage. These apps are also debunking the age-old threat, “It’s a against the law to record an officer on the job.”  Would you use an app like this? What features would you find useful?  



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