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Upcoming Immigration Workshop

Upcoming Immigration Workshop

Immigration and detention processes can be stressful and confusing. Next week, the Shiller Preyar attorneys are teaming up with First Defense Legal Aid for Know Your Rights panel dedicated to informing you about the ins and outs of immigration procedures involving law enforcement.
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Know What it Takes to File a Civil Rights Lawsuit?

Know What it Takes to File a Civil Rights Lawsuit?

At Shiller Preyar, we have handled over 100 police misconduct cases. People do not often know that these lawsuits can take years from start to finish—and the details of the long and labored process can be mystifying and off-putting. It’s incredibly important to pursue your rights in the face of police misconduct, however, no matter how daunting the process may seem. Though no two police misconduct cases are the same, we’ve prepared a rough timeline of how the capable attorneys at Shiller Preyar prepare a “typical” lawsuit.
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Shiller Preyer Welcomes Elvira Arellano Back to Chicago

Shiller Preyer Welcomes Elvira Arellano Back to Chicago

On Thursday March 27, 2014, the Shiller Preyar team gathered with immigration rights organizations La Familia Latina Unida, the #BringThemHome campaign, and others for a rally and march in support of Elivra Arellano. The event aimed to bring publicity to the recent act of civil disobedience she undertook with about thirty other undocumented children, mothers, and fathers who crossed the U.S./Mexico border to reunite with their families in the United States.
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