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Tia Haywood Monte - Consultant

Email: Thaywood4u@gmail.com

Tia has a lifetime of experience advocating for the marginalized of society. As both the managing partner of Haywood Monte Law and a consultant to Shiller Preyar Law Offices, Tia specializes in Immigration, Civil Rights and Criminal Defense law. A graduate of Howard University, Case Western Law and Comillas Pontificia Law Graduate, Tia continuously seeks out experience in the areas of law that cause the most detriment to her community. To that end, Mrs. Haywood Monte seeks to provide access to reasonable comprehensive legal services to the underserved in Chicago.

Mrs. Haywood Monte is a legal assistance trainer for Centro Sin Fronteras, and lends her time to  Lawyer's Committee for Better Housing, the Legal Assistance Foundation, the National Lawyers Guild Mass Defense Committee, First Defense Legal Aid, and the Chicago Community Bond Fund.  Shortly after the 2016 elections Haywood was invited as a panelist by Northeastern Illinois University which hosted a student-wide emergency meeting called "Healing and Moving Forward a Critical Post Election Dialogue" hosted by the departments of African and African American Studies, Latina/o & Latin American Studies, and Women's & Gender Studies. 

Tia was a panelist at Dominican University for an Immigrant and Labor Rights Forum where she presented information about your rights when in contact with the police, consequences of convictions, police records, expungement and the relationship of this police record to immigration. In her spare time, she volunteers her time by leading various "Know Your Rights" workshops and seminars. She is a lover of languages and studied French and Japanese and is working to achieve fluency in Spanish to better serve the diverse Chicago community.



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